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Large Acreage Loss

Wildfires can rage across a ranch, orchard, golf course, or large estate in seconds. The Camp Fire in Butte County, California, at one point, burned the equivalent of a football field every second. Landowners with large acreage can experience devastating losses in the millions. This can be even worse if the fire also burns orchards, vineyards, or groomed land that owners have spent tens of thousands of dollars to the landscape. Trees, irrigation systems, buildings, and more can be burned when a fire hits an avocado grove, a vineyard, or forested land. Also, many fires burn hot enough to sterilize the soil, requiring that it be rehabilitated or stripped and replaced.

If you have been affected by a large wildfire such as the Camp Fire or Dixie Fire, and you have lost a large property as a result, a Butte County fire lawyer, Plumas County fire lawyer, or Northern California fire lawyer is essential to getting you all the compensation you deserve and helping you to move on with your life. Call the experienced California wildfire attorneys at Singleton Schreiber for a free case evaluation today.

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