Daily Journal Recognizes Phounsy Verdict In Annual Top Verdicts Edition

The Daily Journal’s Top Verdict supplement recognizes Singleton Schreiber’s $85 million dollar verdict, K.J.P. v. San Diego County, a wrongful death case. Attorneys Mark F. Fleming and Timothy A. Scott were the lead counsel on this case.

The Top Verdict details the wrongful death case that took place on March 15, 2022, against San Diego County for the family of Lucky Phounsy, a 32-year-old Santee, California, man who died after being tased, beaten and hogtied in a 2015 encounter with deputies from the San Diego Sheriff’s Department.

This case and the lawyers involved, hope to see a major change be made to the “maximum restraint policy”. The Phounsy family hopes the verdict leads to a nationwide ban on the use of maximum restraints that are inherently dangerous, according to Singleton Schreiber attorney Mark Fleming, who tried the case with attorney Tim Scott of McKenzie Scott.

“We want municipalities and law enforcement agencies around the country to stop binding people’s hands and feet behind their back,” Fleming and Scott said in a post-trial interview.  “It is both dangerous and unnecessary.” The San Diego attorneys ultimately want to see the practice banned — something that will go a long way toward ending police brutality in San Diego.To read the full announcement click here (subscription required).