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Marshall Fire Reportedly Caused By Xcel Power's Negligence

Dubbed an urban firestorm by local firefighters Colorado’s Marshall fire was one of the most destructive fire in Colorado state history. Happening in December 2021, the fire resulted in two deaths and over 1,000 homes and businesses destroyed.

Speak to an Marshall Fire Lawyer

If you or a loved one were affected by the Marshall Fire, an experienced Colorado fire lawyer can get you the compensation you need to help you recover from this tragedy and move on with your life.

Even if you have insurance, Singleton Schreiber’s Marshall fire lawyers can help to ensure you receive the maximum compensation you deserve.

Book your free consultation with a Colorado fire lawyer to find out more about our Marshall Fire lawsuit.

Diligent and Thorough

After the fires, our home was in need of remediation and repair. Singleton Schreiber represented our case diligently and thoroughly. The care for detail and overall scope of damage to our home was a priority for them, we truly felt in the right hands. The process takes time, and patience is key. They were transparent and communicated clearly throughout the stages of our case. We are so grateful for all they have done to help us. Thank you Singleton Schreiber.

Map of Marshall Fire

Our Nationally Recognized Fire Lawyers Can Get You Compensation for Damages from the Marshall Fire

If you or a loved one have experienced an Marshall Fire evacuation, property damage or loss, or any injuryhospitalizationwrongful death, psychological trauma, or other long-term health issue caused by the Marshall or other recent Colorado wildfires, the expert Colorado fire attorneys at Singleton Schreiber can help you recover the fair and full compensation you need to move forward with your life.

If You Have Experienced Any of the Following, You May Be Eligible for Marshall Fire Compensation.

  • Expensive Evacuation
  • Wrongful Death from Fire or Smoke
  • Hospitalization
  • Serious Burns
  • Other Serious Personal Injury
  • Long-Term Health Effects
  • Psychological Impact
  • Home Loss
  • Structure Loss
  • Damage to Animals/Pets
  • Damage to Timber/Trees
  • Erosion
  • Vegetation Loss
  • Damage to Landscaping
  • Significant Property Damage
  • Economic Loss
  • Agriculture Loss
  • Damage to Infrastructure
  • Business Loss
  • Business Interruption
  • Smoke Damage
  • Damage from Soot & Ash
  • Underinsured Property
  • FEMA Assistance
  • Utility & Other Service Interruptions
  • Housing Market Impacts


Zero Fees, Until We Win

Has your home or property been damaged by a fire? Have you been physically injured in a fire? Are insurance adjusters trying to take advantage of you during this difficult time? Singleton Schreiber can help you navigate the complexities of your unique fire case, represent your interests, calculate the appropriate value of your damages, and help you recover the fair and full compensation you may need to move forward with your life.