Media Mentions

New Mexico Managing Partner Brian Colón was featured in a KRTN Radio feature, “49 RHS Seniors Make the Walk Across the Stage to Begin a New Chapter,” on May 20, 2023. In the feature, Mr. Colón was addressing the Class of 2023 and how ultimately he was able to turn his failures into successes throughout his career.

Counsel Kimberly Trimble was quoted in a CBS8 article, “San Diego County pays woman $250,000 after a Deputy shot her with a bean-bag round during 2020 police protest,” on May 11, 2023. In the article, Ms. Trimble discusses the importance of how the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department policies need to not only address threats at mass gatherings, but also adhere to  the protection of citizens who do not pose a threat.

Attorney Domenic Martini was quoted in a article, “Family Of 18-Year-Old Who Disappeared At Mission Beach Sue City,” on May 9, 2023. In the article, Mr. Martini discusses the importance of public safety along the one of the most popular beaches in all of California.

Partner Ben Siminou heads to court in the Fourth Appellate District on May 8 in an appeal following a headline grabbing mega-church sex abuse scandal. The lawsuit alleges a youth counselor at the Houston-based Grace Community Church molested Mr. Siminou’s client (“John Doe“), then hid this abuse for years from parents and authorities.