Media Mentions

“Singleton Law Firm, a leading California fire litigation law firm, recently filed a lawsuit against Liberty Utilities Co. for its negligence in causing last month’s Mountain View Fire in Northern California. The firm represents more than 20 victims of the fire that burned more than 32 square miles, damaged or destroyed more than 80 structures, and caused multiple injuries including at least one death.”

“Singleton Schreiber, a leading California fire litigation law firm, filed a lawsuit alleging that negligence by the utility company PacifiCorp was cause of the Slater Fire, which burned more than 157,000 acres and damaged or destroyed more than 700 structures in Siskiyou County early this year. Singleton Schreiber represents the family of one decedent and dozens of homeowner and renters who lost their homes in the fire.”

“A San Diego law firm is suing PacifiCorp, charging the utility with wrongful death and negligence connected with the Slater Fire, even though a cause has yet to be determined. Singleton Schreiber McKenzie & Scott is representing more than 30 people, homeowners, renters and business owners, in the Happy Camp area, whose properties were damaged or destroyed by the fire.”