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The California Court of Appeal affirmed both the trial court’s grant of an anti-SLAPP motion to strike a lawsuit against a lawyer exercising his right to petition and the award of attorney’s fees to the lawyer as the prevailing party.

The United States District Court for the Northern District of California denied a motion for summary judgment in a products-liability action against Monsanto, finding that a Texas statute does not preempt the company’s liability for injuries the plaintiff sustained from using its product Roundup.

The Superior Court for Los Angeles County denied a motion for summary judgment in a personal-injury action arising out of a head-on collision, finding that the defendant (Penske Media Corporation) could be held liable for the driver’s negligence under a novel agency theory.

The Superior Court for Fresno County denied a motion for summary judgment brought by Caltrans and the County of Fresno in a case arising out of a multiple-fatality collision at an intersection between a county road and state highway.

The California Court of Appeal reversed a judgment for the defendant in a case that arose when a trespasser on the defendant’s property started a campfire that spread to the plaintiff’s business.

The California Court of Appeal affirmed a lower-court ruling that defense counsel waived the attorney–client privilege when they failed to promptly ask plaintiffs to return a privileged document the defense had inadvertently produced in discovery.