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When your property, home, or business goes up in flames, looking at the damage can feel very sickening. The sad truth is that it is almost impossible to recover anything after a fire. This is why so many people opt to have their property insured against such a disaster. If you carry fire insurance, you believe you’re taking the proper precautions and you needn’t worry about such a scenario. But what happens if your insurance provider refuses to compensate you for the damage or pays less than they are supposed to? That is when you will need an experienced fire lawyer to step in.

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Singleton Schreiber understands just how complex fire cases can get.

Hiring a lawyer when in such a predicament can seem expensive, but it will be well worth it if it means getting compensation for the property you have lost. Most insurance agencies have ways to twist and bend the rules so as not to pay claims; your attorney will come in handy to make sure that you get paid the full value of what your belongings were worth. In California, Singleton Schreiber is your trusted property damage attorneys. We are experts in taking care of you when it comes to wildfire claims.

Why You Need a California Fire Lawyer on Your Side

The very last thing you need to worry about after experiencing loss or damage to your property due to a fire is fighting with your insurance service provider. This can only add more pain to your loss. Although it is the right of insurance companies to investigate any fire before compensating you, it is also important that this investigation is conducted fairly and compassionately. There are several reasons why you should seek the services of a lawyer after a fire. Your fire damage attorney will come in handy when:

1. Your Property Has Been Undervalued

Many times insurance companies tend to undervalue the property. When you are signing your policy you should always make sure you double and triple check to be sure that you have covered everything. In cases where the insurance company undervalues your property after a fire, you need to have a lawyer on board. Your attorney will be able to look into the policy and the investigation and will know the best legal action to take so that you can be compensated for the full value of the property you had insured.

2. Your Claim Has Been Wrongfully Denied

If your insurance company conducts a poor investigation into the cause of the fire, you might end up not being compensated for the damages. If you feel that your claim is being wrongfully denied, you need to call an attorney immediately. Your attorney will be able to advise you on the best way to handle the situation. Fire damage attorneys know exactly what the law states when it comes to denial of claims, and will comb through your policy and will deal with the insurance company on your behalf. Your attorney will see to it that a fair decision can be made concerning the fire damage and your compensation. They will be able to handle all necessary paperwork and forward complaints to the relevant authorities promptly.

3. Fire Was Started By A Non-Covered Cause

When insuring your property, your insurance service provider should always state what the policy covers, and this should appear in your policy document as well. In cases where the fire was caused by something not necessarily covered in your policy, a lawyer will prove to be very helpful. For example, if the fire was potentially caused by a faulty power line or any negligence by the electrical company, then you have a right to pursue such a claim according to laws in the state of California in the small claims court or other judicial courts, depending on the amount of the claim. Your lawyer will be in a perfect position to know how to pursue the matter so that you can get compensated.

4. You Feel the Policy is Being Twisted

More often than not, as sad as it may seem, many insurance companies tend to look for loopholes in the policy so as to avoid paying for the damages caused. They would try to make you read and understand the policy as they would like, and not with your best interest in mind. Getting a lawyer at this point means getting someone who not only has your best interest at heart, but will also follow what the state laws say about compensation. Your attorney will make sure you get compensated fully as per the policy.

5. When Your Insurer Delays the Compensation

If you feel that for one reason or another your insurance company is deliberately delaying the process, it is definitely time to get yourself a fire damage lawyer. Following up on insurance claims can be quite taxing, and can certainly add to the pain of losing your home, business or property. Your lawyer will know exactly how to handle your insurer and prevent any further delays in your compensation.

6. The Insurance Company Did Not Carry Out Any Investigations

It is your right to have a thorough investigation carried out and for you to be supplied with a full report. However, there are some insurance companies that fail to conduct investigations, either to save themselves money or to deny your claim. In case this happens, hiring a fire damage attorney will be your best option, especially if you are not an expert in the nuances of the state laws.

7. Your Insurer Gives a Misleading Report

In an effort to escape from compensating policies, some insurance companies create shortcuts and can present untrue or misleading facts about your claim and their investigation. A fire damage lawyer can involve the services of another investigator to investigate the claim and damages and give their own report. They can then use this to challenge the insurance company in a court of law.

8. When Your Insurer Just Won’t Pay At All

What happens when your insurance services provider totally refuses to pay? This happens to so many Americans who lose their property due to a fire. The best way to deal with this is through the law, and this can only be done well by a fire damage lawyer. This is because cases like this typically end up in court, and you will need somebody to represent you.

These are just a few of the reasons why you would need an attorney. Here at Singleton Schreiber, we have a successful track record when it comes to handling fire damage claims. We are not only professional but very thorough and experienced when it comes to such claims.


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Has your home or property been damaged by a fire? Have you been physically injured in a fire? Are insurance adjusters trying to take advantage of you during this difficult time? Singleton Schreiber can help you navigate the complexities of your unique fire case, represent your interests, calculate the appropriate value of your damages, and help you recover the fair and full compensation you may need to move forward with your life.