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Our lawyers pride themselves in taking on giant corporate bullies that take advantage of everyday people. Class action lawsuits provide a way to hold corporate lawbreakers accountable when they victimize large groups of individuals — no matter how small each count may be.

When an organization takes advantage of a group of people, causing similar damages or injuries to the affected parties, a class action lawsuit can be filed seeking compensation for all parties affected by the organization’s unlawful actions.

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What is a Class Action Lawsuit?

In a class action lawsuit, one or more plaintiffs can file and prosecute a lawsuit together on behalf of a larger “class” of individuals. This way, multiple plaintiffs with the same complaint or injury can file a claim for a portion of a single large settlement that takes every claim into account.

Any verdicts or settlements won are shared among all members of the class.

While all members of the class filing a class action lawsuit are claiming to be affected by the defendant’s actions, only the lead plaintiff’s case is tried in court.

Is a Class Action Lawsuit Different Than a Mass Tort?

Class action lawsuits do not typically require your individual participation in the case, unlike mass torts. Instead, a “named plaintiff,” is represented by “lead counsel,” on behalf of a “class” of individuals. Other members of the class who are “absent” do not typically participate in the lawsuit aside from filing a claim, but they are entitled to a distribution of any settlement or jury award resulting from the case. Class members can also opt-out of the class action if they so choose.

On the other hand, in mass tort cases multiple unique claims are brought by each individual who suffered the same type of injury, harm, or damages. Each individual who files a claim in a mass tort lawsuit is a party to the lawsuit — not just the “lead plaintiff” — even if there are many individual parties making claims.

Unlike class action lawsuits, every party making a claim in a mass tort lawsuit has made the individual decision to file a claim, so there is no reason for anyone to opt out. Each client in a mass tort case is seeking their own specific claim for compensation, as opposed to a distribution of a larger settlement or award.

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