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Mass Tort Cases

In mass tort cases, several individuals who have suffered a similar type of harm file a lawsuit or lawsuits against one or a few responsible parties to recover compensation for their harms.

This collaboration can ensure that clients secure the fair and full compensation they may be entitled to. At Singleton Schreiber, our mass tort lawyers are experts in mass tort lawsuits.

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What is a Mass Tort?

Torts are wrongful acts that give rise to civil liability (as compared to criminal liability). Mass torts occur when one or a few parties cause the same type of harm to several individuals, sometimes totaling hundreds or thousands of people.

Filing a single individual tort claim against a big corporation can be expensive and time-consuming. If, however, multiple individuals who have suffered similar injuries file suit together, they can pursue their claims in a more efficient, cost-effective manner.

Filing multiple claims in one mass tort case allows for resources to be consolidated and the claims of the injured parties to be resolved simultaneously. If more than one lawsuit has been filed, the lawsuits are often transferred to a single court, where the court, attorneys, and parties can collaborate to resolve each individual claim. This collaboration can help ensure clients secure the fair and full compensation they each deserve.

Types of Mass Torts

The Singleton Schreiber lawyers are skilled in handling two types of mass tort cases: product defect cases and environmental/toxic tort cases. Let’s dive deeper into what each of these mean.

Product Defects

Mass-produced products that are defective or dangerous may include faulty medical devices, automobile defects, or unsafe pharmaceuticals. When these products are mass-produced and injure, or even take the lives of, a group of individuals, a defective product lawsuit may be in order.

Read more about Singleton Schreiber product defect lawsuits, like our Elmiron lawsuit.

Environmental/Toxic Torts

A major industrial accident or environmental disaster can threaten your health, business, and livelihood. At Singleton Schreiber, we fight corporations that risk public health and prosperity through environmental disasters caused by reckless negligence and greed.

If you’ve been the victim of an environmental tort, the toxic tort attorneys at Singleton Schreiber are here for you. Even if you have insurance, a mass environmental toxic tort lawyer can ensure that you get repaid for the full value of what you lost.

How does a Mass Tort Case differ from a Class Action Lawsuit?

If you are familiar with class-action lawsuits, you may be wondering how they differ from mass tort cases.

Unlike mass tort cases, class action lawsuits do not typically require your individual participation in the case. Rather, one or more “named plaintiffs,” represented by “lead counsel,” pursue a lawsuit on behalf of an entire class of people. The “absent” class member does not usually have to participate in the lawsuit until it is time to distribute a settlement or jury award. And class members usually have a chance to opt-out of the class action.

Mass tort cases, on the other hand, involve multiple individual claims brought by each individual who suffered the same type of harm. Each person making a claim is treated as a party to the lawsuit, even if there are many individual parties making claims. There is no reason to opt-out of a mass tort case because every party making a claim has made the individual decision to file a claim. This way, each client has the best chance of securing fair and full compensation.

San Diego Mass Tort Lawyers

At Singleton Schreiber, our California mass tort lawyers are dedicated to working hard for our clients so that corporate wrongdoers are held responsible. If you have a claim in a mass tort or multi-district litigation case, contact us today for a free consultation.


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