Media Mentions

Lawyers for San Diego County are seeking to wipe out a record $85 million jury award in a civil rights case or get a new trial because the jury verdict was “incurably infected with error” and the trial was riddled with rulings that damaged the county’s case.

Uber Technologies Inc. and a California driver must face a negligence suit filed by a garbage truck worker who was injured when a passenger opened their door into the truck, a state appellate court said Friday. William Mason said he was standing on the back of a garbage truck in downtown San Francisco in 2017 when a passenger opened the door of an Uber parked along the street and hit him, causing him to fall and suffer injuries.

The events surrounding the death of Lucky Phounsy began as a family celebration — a birthday party for his 2-year-old son. They ended nearly a decade later in a San Diego federal courtroom, when a jury determined the San Diego Sheriff’s Department was responsible for Phounsy’s death and awarded the family a record $85 million.