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Mill Fire Lawsuit Could Seek Payout for Victims in Addition to $50 Million Restoration Fund

The town of Weed, CA, was devastated by a fast-moving wildfire that started on September 2, 2022, in a local lumber facility — the company has suggested it may have been caused by the failure of a water-spraying machine used to cool ash in the company’s veneer mill.

Two people were killed in the Mill Fire as it consumed the town.

Roseburg Forest Products announced it would provide up to $50 million in a community restoration fund for affected residents, but the damages could exceed that number. A Mill Fire lawsuit seeking compensation for victims of the fire in Weed may also be filed.

The cause of the Mill Fire is officially still under investigation.

wildfire in forest burning trees

Talk to a Mill Fire Lawyer

If you or a loved one were affected by the Mill Fire in Weed, CA, an experienced Northern California fire lawyer can get you the compensation you need to help you recover from this terrible tragedy and move on with your life.

Even if you have insurance, and even with the promise of a $50 million restoration fund, a Mill Fire lawyer can help you make sure you are getting the full compensation you deserve.

Mill Fire Cause Under Investigation After Town of Weed, CA, Destroyed — Lumber Company May Be Responsible

In a press release sent out on September 7, Rosenberg Forest Products said that the mill supplies its own electricity through a co-generation facility that is fueled by wood remnants. The company referred to the machine that sprays the ash ejected from the facility as a ‘third-party-supplied machine.”

The company added, “Rosenburg is investigating whether the third-party machine failed to cool the ash sufficiently which thereby ignited the fire.”

In addition to the internal investigations being performed by the company, official investigations are also ongoing.

The fire started during the same period that numerous other fires have sparked throughout the state, as it copes with severe drought and extreme hot temperatures during a massive heat wave covering everything from the northernmost counties to the southern border.

Another fire, the Mountain Fire, grew rapidly just a few miles northwest of the Weed Fire. The cause of the Mountain Fire is also under investigation.

Two Injured and Thousands Evacuated from Their Homes in Mill Fire

As the Mill Fire tore through Weed, a city with a population of about 2,600 people just under 300 miles north of Sacramento, it left at least two people dead and thousands more fleeing for their lives as they were evacuated from their homes — many of which were completely destroyed. In all, more than 7,500 people were quickly evacuated from the area when the fire broke out.

Within just over a day, the Mill Fire burned 4,254 acres and was only 25% contained. The fire is currently 75% contained, just over a week after it started, having destroyed thousands of acres and displacing thousands of residents.

CAL Fire Chief Phil Anzo said crews were working around the clock to protect as many structures as they could in Weed, including in the neighborhood of Lincoln Heights and the subdivision of Carrick Addition.

At least 107 homes and other buildings were lost in the Mill Fire, and at least 26 more have sustained damage.

Governor Newsom Declares State of Emergency for Siskiyou County After Mill Fire

Gov. Gavin Newsom promptly declared a State of Emergency in Siskiyou County on September 2 after the Mill Fire ignited. He said that a federal grant was received “to help ensure the availability of vital resources to suppress the fire.”

According to the declaration:

“The FMAG, which is provided through the President’s Disaster Relief Fund on a cost-share basis, will enable local, state and tribal agencies responding to the fire to apply for 75-percent reimbursement of their eligible fire suppression costs. The program, which is administered through the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES), provides rapid financial assistance to communities impacted by fires.”

Weed, CA, Fire Lawsuit Would Seek Compensation for Mill Fire Victims

A Mill Fire lawsuit could follow the conclusion of the investigation, as Roseburg has already suggested they may be responsible.

The state has been ravaged by wildfires as it copes with severe drought and extreme hot temperatures, from the northernmost counties to the southern border.

At about the time the Mill Fire started, about 9,000 PacifiCorp customers in the area were experiencing power outages — PacifiCorp said several thousand were still without electricity late into the night as a result of the fire.

Another Siskiyou County Wildfire

As fires have ravaged the state, Siskiyou County has been particularly hard hit by wildfires. The Mill Fire ignited just 30 miles southeast of the year’s largest and deadliest California fire, the McKinney Fire.

Other lawsuits have been filed for recent California wildfires, including the McKinney Fire lawsuit, the Fairview Fire lawsuit, and the Border 32 Fire lawsuit.

At the same time, statutes of limitations are running out in just another month to file claims in the Zogg Fire lawsuit and the Slater Fire lawsuit, after those fires hit nearby areas two years ago.

The Dixie Fire lawsuit is also ongoing after the largest fire in California history burned 963,000 acres about 150 miles southeast of the Mill Fire. 

At about the time the blaze started, power outages were reported that affected some 9,000 customers, and several thousand remained without electricity late into the night due to the wildfire, according to power company PacifiCorp.

Our Northern California Fire Lawyers Can Get You Compensation for Damages From the Mill Fire

If you or a loved one have experienced a Mill Fire evacuation, property damage or loss, or any injury, hospitalization, wrongful death, psychological trauma, or other long-term health issue caused by the Mill Fire or other recent California wildfires, the expert Northern California fire attorneys at Singleton Schreiber can help you recover the fair and full compensation you need to move forward with your life.

If You Have Experienced Any of the Following, You May Be Eligible for Mill Fire Compensation.​

  • Expensive Evacuation
  • Wrongful Death from Fire or Smoke
  • Hospitalization
  • Serious Burns
  • Other Serious Personal Injury
  • Long-Term Health Effects
  • Psychological Impact
  • Home Loss
  • Structure Loss
  • Damage to Animals/Pets
  • Damage to Timber/Trees
  • Erosion
  • Vegetation Loss
  • Damage to Landscaping
  • Significant Property Damage
  • Economic Loss
  • Agriculture Loss
  • Damage to Infrastructure
  • Business Loss
  • Business Interruption
  • Smoke Damage
  • Damage from Soot & Ash
  • Underinsured Property
  • FEMA Assistance
  • Utility & Other Service Interruptions
  • Housing Market Impacts

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